Making Sense of What’s Next, Making Discovery Possible, Making it Fun


Making sense of what's next

  • How to Burst the "Filter Bubble" that Protects us from Opposing Views. MIT Technology Review: The results show that people can be more open than expected to ideas that oppose their own.
  • How the Innovation Economy is Turning Makers Into Manufacturers. Popular MechanicsHow is it possible for a magazine editor to become a high-tech manufacturer, essentially overnight? And how do you go from a bag-of-parts 3D printer to a full-scale factory? The answers are rooted in a revolution that's come to manufacturing over the past five years. The changes boil down to three ideas: desktop, digital, and cloud. […] That means that we finally have an end-to-end fabrication chain that's open to the individual, from prototyping to mass production. What the Web did to open media to the masses, the new movement is doing for manufacturing.

Making discovery possible

  • Apple And Topsy: Unpeeling The $200 Million Mystery. Forbes: Sam Decker, CEO of Mass Relevance says by being able to tell users what’s trending and what others in their social networks are talking about, Apple could help fatten the long tail of every type of content it sells.
  • This Landmark Study Could Reveal How The Web Discriminates Against You. Forbes: The Princeton researchers will compare search results, prices, ads, offers and emails that their fake profiles receive over the coming months, and look for patterns to measure what kind of discrimination is happening across different sites.

Making if fun

For all the senses.

  • Sound Holiday Thoughts. Jean-Louis Gasse: I used to listen to sound. Now I enjoy music. It started with explosives.
  • The Guide to Wine for Beginners [infographic]. Wine Folly: After you get past the ‘wine taste’, what else do you smell or taste in the glass? A handy list of common wine flavors may help you fill in the blank.


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