Why Have a Content Strategy?

Content allows you to build an audience, attract customers through opt-in (vs. the old opt-out tactics), and create advocates on behalf of your business or brand. In addition to planning for those milestones, you will need to plan content for each phase of the buyer's journey.

You used to be able to "borrow" the audience media channels built. You paid to rent eyeballs and ears with TV, print, even digital, and radio advertising and promotions. They had the audience, not you. You got to interrupt it in exchange for money.

In social, you can go direct to customers and prospective customers. However, the media or channels are mere tools, they don't come with an audience you can buy, although many are selling you one. The best audience in social is the one you build.

That's where a content strategy comes in.

Because content is such an important aspect of a successful social strategy, I created this page to help you see how it works by collecting a few posts written as series.



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