It’s That Time of the Year Again

Experience is the Teacher_Julius Caesar

The time when we are called to choose between experiences and things.

Experiences we carry with us for a long time, and have the potential to affect us at many levels through inspiration, kinship, connection, and frankly traveling light-er. Which makes travel all the more possible.

Things, while appealing even when not really necessary or functional, occupy space, often are not durable unless of super high quality, and we worry about misplacing or losing them. Things may need maintenance, upgrades, storing, and so on.

All experiences ask of us is to be present to them, to soak in the flavors, colors, sounds, motion, and aromas — to be an accomplice, even when critically involved, in making the moment special.

The things we own end up owning us. The experiences we join end up teaching us.

We do live in the age of "both/and", and it is possible to have a balance of both. However I have found that a focus on having it all (or trying to anyway) diminishes the joy of what is there already — enough — and activating it to do more for us.

Choosing is akin to editing; bubbling up what is sufficient to make something work well using sincerity and clarity as guideposts.


While everyone sorts out where they stand on the experiences-things spectrum, I am working with conference organizers to book talks for next year. The themes I tackle in keynotes and in panel conversations are along the same lines of the topics I cover on this site:

  • digital products as evolution of content, reimagining commerce with digital at the core — with emphasis on the interestingness of convergence of CMO/CIO or CTO roles having spent quite a bit of time learning with CIOs/CTOs and working with CMOs
  • what's next is customer experience, with social and commerce as horizontal layers to experience — this is an evergreen conversation I have been focusing on for a number of years (see past speaking) and where brands are evolving their model
  • a new (surprise) topic about the new world of work — this one is on me (you pay travel), and I will select three organizations, including and especially higher education, for this rich conversation I will tailor as appropriate to the questions and issues surrounding your firm

My day job has me constantly involved in deep research on the trajectory of current trends (vs. fads) and in conducting both tech and brand reviews, their impact to digital transformation and business results.

So in addition to inspirational keynote addresses, I offer engaging panel discussions and group work sessions that deliver deep insight on focusing product vision and brand promise to help you understand what is bedrock and what is sand.

Contact me if any of this sounds good and we will craft an energizing experience that will help kick start your action plan on a robust path to success.



Valeria is an experienced listener. She designs service and product experiences to help businesses rediscover the value of promises and its effects on relationships and culture. She is also frequent speaker at conferences and companies on a variety of topics. Book her to speak here.

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