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“Even the most skilled leaders get stuck. That's because the most worthy work is often the hardest to undertake.” [(un)Stuck SY Partners]

I met Keith Yamashita at the last Fast Company Real Time event in Miami ten years ago. At the conference, Fast Company and SY Partners set up a private walk-through experience part exhibit/part live interaction for members of the readers network.

I continue to use and enjoy my copy of the companion book, (un)stuck.

About two years ago, SY Partners re-launched Unstuck:

a new in-the-moment approach to personal growth for anyone who wants to live better every day.

Combining personalized digital tools with tips and know-how from a
community of other people who are facing stuck moments, Unstuck makes it
easy to get on-demand coaching whenever you need it.

Unstuck debuts with a free iPad app that helps you diagnose your
stuck moments—a conflict at work, a relationship issue, a goal that’s
just out of reach—to reveal what’s really behind your roadblocks.

Based on those unique roadblocks, Unstuck serves up tips and tools in
a game-like experience, guiding you to personalized action plans you
can use as springboards to getting unstuck.

Unstuck was evolved to a network of individuals dedicated to each other's success. You can get a free newsletter with just the right amount of content, and download the free iPad app at the site.

As the description says, each
Unstuck tool is designed to kick-start success for specific kinds of
stuck moments.

The app takes you through a series of questions to determine the kind of stuck moment you are having — finding it hard to make a decision? Can't see possibilities? Looking to rediscover purpose? Having trouble with goal setting? Overwhelmed at work? Need to get motivated? Etc.

The questions are visual and very easy to answer, ranging from the stuck moment itself (notepad to describe), how you are feeling by selecting up to 3 adjectives (and indicating intensity), to card sorting your thoughts, to what you are doing. 

I have used versions of similar tools to conduct worklabs with clients to either have deeper discovery combined with working session, work on product vision alignment, or even crystallize a set of topics and artifacts to use as part of content strategy and execution.

In the app, you can get your stuck diagnosis quickly. I do like how it is explained visually and the moments are categorized to help you pin point the issue. Is it about believing, thinking, acting, or seeing? Followed by tips — here's what to do. The app also tells you the percentage of people in the community who are facing the same issue.

Lone Leader

When you register (free, requires email), you gain access to a set of useful tools to help you get unstuck. 3 Things to remember about getting unstuck, prompts the app:

  1. it takes time — just start doing
  2. try, try, and try again — each situation needs a unique approach
  3. be creative — look outside he app, talk to others, etc.

The available tools include: map it out, visualize it, shake up the routine, mirror mirror, etc. Since I spent most of my career in design of service and product (brand side and then agency), I loved the visualize it tool a lot.


The iPad is the perfect screen size for the app, too. I can see why SY Partners decided to go with that.

In addition to the app for the Unstuck community, SY Partners offers Teamworks (in beta, see the nine habits), and consulting services for vision, culture, and experience. Now you have the full picture of why I like their tools.

The best kind of connections start with purpose — for self, teams, companies, and communities.

If this is the kind of tool you'd like to try, I hope this short review encourages you to download the app and try it out.


A bonus goodie for your Friday: Keith Yamashita talks about the 3 Habits of Great Creative Teams at 99U/



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