Gigaom: Experience-Based Brand Evolution

My work centers on helping organizations tap into the power of digital transformation, including sorting out the social space in the middle, how it affects the people and process part. I am now working on the more nuanced application of evolved social systems to produce advantage in multicultural applications.

LogoGigaom has been one of the top go-to resources from the very start. I still remember how Om Malik stood out in the reporting of the first large Skype outage. Time and time over, his grounded perspective on emerging technology has provided relevant nuggets for the formulation of actionable strategies.

I even used one of Malik's posts as example of treating content as product with students in my role of advisor during the consulting practicum that was part of the International MBA program at the Fox School of Business. Presentations as stories become memorable, etc.

More than once I found our thinking around broader issues like language, lifestyle, and the development of policy remarkably aligned. Which is one more reason why Malik is on my very short list of people I'd like to meet in person in the next year. Even better if I find an opportunity to contribute or collaborate with Gigaom.

Brands are a reflection of the people who work there and make things happen. When they keep their promises — e.g., focus on technology and its effects, etc. — the resulting part is easy to express, because it delivers.

The new brand (and logo) refresh expresses a strong point in time in the evolution of Gigaom as a media company that goes beyond the headline to the substance of what change(s) are required. Whether that be a change in perspective, approach, or tools.

“Om” is a fantastic entry point and lens for exploring human connectivity. That is reflected more strongly in the new brand.

As technology is changing how we do things, we are in even greater need (and I would actually say yearning) for intelligent and meaningful connection.


The last five years have been a mixed bag on the people side. Many of the exchanges we had early on in social networks and through blogs have become competitions, with popularity adding a layer of “I'm too busy being so f*ucking awesome” to bother (and that is a direct quote).

Short-termitis hit social in a big way. I'm in it for the long run. Which is why I moved away from the empty race to think more deeply about impact. This is reflected in my current and future work concentration.

It is easy to dismiss people who don't write or talk like you. Yet each person has something to contribute beyond likes and follows.

Amazing things happen in conversation. Thanks to Om Malik and the growing team at Gigaom for adding value on the information side of it.



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