Finding the Future First

Finding the Future FirstRead the headlines, and you would think we are now living completely immersed in a world of me first.”

Everyone shouting from every available social network, digital presence, minutes of fame about how they made tons of money, got the girl, and have the only answer… at least, that is the impression they give. All to eager.

Of course, the reality is much more nuanced than advertised.

For staters, the opportunities with social and direct connections are still very much unexplored. Throwing tons of utility vocabulary and value-creation nation talk at the issues is an attempt to reduce the complexity of the opportunity to a few, palatable soundbites. A laudable one indeed.

Another me first” approach applied to a need that requires collective application and a much needed return to open conversation. We are playing with our food again and we have not nearly enough cooks working together in that kitchen to ready it for thought.

constructive conversation for collaboration

Is the name of the game changing proposition. A new format created by Richard Saul Wurman, the polymath who also created TED in 1984, among hundreds of other groundbreaking projects.

The theme: Finding the Future First

The premise is simple:

  • 5 constructive predictions for the next 5 years

  • 5 different exceptional global & local experts

  • 5 chosen cities located around the world occurring over 5 weeks

Wurman's vision:

555 will bring together extraordinary people from different disciplines to visualise the future patterns in their emerging fields.

Together, these unique thinkers will deliver constructive predictions for the next 5 years in this meeting of minds that will provoke us all to change the way we observe the world.

They shall also focus upon how the planet might prepare for and understand these predictions.

The best way to have the future we want is to create it. Indeed, we become the company we keep.



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