Values-Based Service is not Lip Service

Anita Roddick's The Body Shop sold lipstick. You bought something much bigger — you bought an ideal.

Do you want to know why I liked her so much? In her I saw a
kindred spirit. A true entrepreneur at heart, she used her business instincts and savvy to invite people to the
right kind of conversation.

It took her a lifetime of dedication and
work, and she did it so totally that we can now look back and say —
thank you — with sincerity. She worked from her strengths.

I have long used conversation as a space to invite learning and the
advancement of thought to the benefit of projects, business, and life.
More than an entrepreneur I am enterprising — a sort of Dame
MacGyver, someone who can use the tools she has at her disposal to make
things happen. For me, for you, for everyone willing to pay the price of
entry — involvement and curiosity.

Kaospilots is one of the organizations that will miss her thinking. She was long part of the elite of business people who made the school's Hall of Respect.
When talking about the grassroots entrepreneur, Dame Roddick explained
that you are born one, and the qualities you need are (in her words):

  1. The vision of something new and belief in it that's so strong that it becomes a reality.
  2. A touch of craziness.
  3. The ability to stand out of the crowd because entrepreneurs act
    instinctively on what they see, think and feel. And remember there is
    always truth in reactions.
  4. The ability to have ideas constantly bubbling and pushing up inside
    until they are forced out, like genies from the bottle, by the pressure
    of creative tension.
  5. Pathological optimism.
  6. A covert understanding that you don't have to know how to do
    something. Skill or money is not the answer for the entrepreneur, it is
    knowledge: from books, observing or asking.
  7. Streetwise skills. Most entrepreneurs she met have had an innate
    desire for social change. They understand that business is not just
    financial science.
  8. Creativity.
  9. The ability to mix all these together effectively.
  10. And finally, every entrepreneur is a great storyteller. It is storytelling that defines your differences.

And what a great story she shared with us.



Valeria is an experienced listener. She designs service and product experiences to help businesses rediscover
the value of promises and its effect on relationships and
. She is also frequent speaker at
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