Top Conversation Agent Posts for July/August

Making Things Happen, Ten Hacks

TopTenList  My business mentor and friend reminded me of the importance of setting the process
for making your goals happen — you get ready, set things in motion, and keep at
it staying open to opportunity.

Once you build momentum, the outcomes take care of themselves.



Why on Earth Would You Still Bother with Blogging?

now that so many social networks are courting you with frictionless
sharing. And the question of RSS readers is top of mind.

Seriously, aren't there quick grunt-like posts you can do on Twitter?

Schedule all your links to post automagically. Scan titles and
headlines, hit a "like" and you're done. Finito. And in real time. That
was easy!

Except for they are your breadcrumbs, your digital legacy… [more]


45 Quotes on Innovation and Execution


Innovation is not just about coming up with new ideas — we do have a fair number in circulation. Execution can be innovative, we see it all the time.

Yet, many consider innovation sexy and execution… well, it is work isn't it?



Scale, Where it Gets Interesting


Technology adoption has accelerated the blend of online, at home, and
on the go. All industries are being affected to varying degrees.

We are starting to see big waves.



Companies that Have Managed the Convergence of IT and Marketing Well


In researching how the convergence between CIO and CMO roles is good for business,
I came across quote a few startling statistics, like the one
represented in this graph. A new survey of 550 marketing execs conducted
by the CMO Council found that only 10 percent of marketers put a priority on improving collaboration with their IT departments this year. [1]

To refer back to the five themes on the future of social, and particularly dealing with data and operational execution, the
collaboration of IT and marketing, or the emergence of a bridge
organization around analytics and intelligence has become a necessity —
and an asset



What Customers Want


A couple of days ago, I outlined the five themes on the future of social.

It's no secret that although we are seeing a Renaissance in the
products arena — wearable technology, 3D printers, all kinds of
sustainable materials, ways of building, modes of transport like
bicycles, etc. — we are squarely in a service economy. And more specifically, in the promise economy.




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