12 Creative Business Catalysts to Help You Do Better

I pared down the number of blogs I read regularly since I published a list of 50 recommended (re)sources. With magazine like Flipboard, and the serendipity of social networks, good content tends to find me.

To those who took the 100 PR people worth following on Twitter out of context, I'll remind us of something Eco said in an interview about why we like lists#:

If you interact with things in your life, everything is constantly changing. And if nothing changes, you're an idiot.

So this new list is again documenting a point in time on my growth path.

My focus continues to be the human side of business. Despite emergent artificial intelligence approaches, I still consider the recommendations of smart people in my network the best source of novelty.

Consider this short list of creative business catalysts a resource to help find quality thinking to help you do better.

In no particular order, with varying publishing rhythms:

1. Life. Then Strategy. by Mark Pollard –each post on this site, whether on the life or the strategy side of things, is a gem. Treasure it.

2. Stratechery by Ben Thomson — a newer discovery, hits my sweet spot of tech and strategy.

3. You Are not so Smart by David McRaney — because it is about proving and disproving a thesis. Awareness of our biases helps us see the filter, or rosy-colored glass, whatever the case.

4. Chief Martec by Scott Brinker — a rediscovery coming with the deliberate focus of a technologist wearing a marketing hat and pulling off the marketer's perspective.

5. Iterative Path by Rags Srinivasan — another gem in the critical thinking category. Asking better questions on pricing, product, and point of view gets us closer to success.

6. On Directorship by Peter Tunjic — a simple and solid concept underlying corporations and directorship. It may not sound as sexy as prevailing opinion on the surface. The mechanics are working in favor of better commerce and competitive edge.

7. Innovation Leadership Network by Tim Kastelle –a long time favorite now hitting its stride on dissolving disciplinary boundaries to benefit innovation.

8. Digital Tonto by Greg Satell — when I first discovered this blog, I read it cover to cover. Greg was still overseas. Solid perspective on digital media and tech, taking us from the nascent steps to what is next.

9. Rajesh Setty by Rajesh Setty — teaching us about solving problems simply and how to develop an impact habit.

10. Jonathan Fields by Jonathan Fields — questions are easy, listening is hard is just one example of the type of internal and community conversations you will encounter in the process of making a good life out of uncertainty.

11. Snarketing 2.0 by Ron Shevlin — about marketing and financial services, written by a senior analyst of Aite Group. As Ron says if this blog doesn't make you think more critically about the world around you, then it has failed. If it doesn't make you laugh from time to time, then you don't have a sense of humor.

12. Karen McGrane by Karen McGrane — one on the more technical side with a strong dose of good humor. As Karen says On a good day, I make the web more awesome. On a bad day, I just make it suck less.


Kathy Sierra belongs at the top of this list. The archives of Creating Passionate Users are filled with user experience teachings, originality, and clarity of thought. Here's a conversation we had with Kathy at this site a couple of years back.


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