Mind the Marketing Gap

Mind Marketing Gap report

Two Economist Intelligence Unit executive surveys# indicate that organizations are shifting focus and investments on interactive communications as part of an increasing
emphasis on personalization.

While people express indifference to
superficial personalization, they are keen on more nuanced customization

How are marketers reaching out to customers and prospective customers?

Among the findings for the six industries surveyed — banking, travel, clothing/apparel, media, entertainment, and auto:

Banking shouldn’t overlook mobile as customers prefer to engage with banking brands on mobile devices — twice
as much as for any other industry. However, banking marketers invest
less in mobile than marketers in any other industry.

Email is the highest channel of influence for initial travel
purchasing decisions
, with 37% of travelers citing it as their preferred
method of communication.

Customers want tailored experiences from clothing companies and while
66% of shoppers view attempts at personalization as superficial, 25%
say they are more likely to pay attention if brands
reference previous transactions.

Media industry marketers should look to email because audiences (28%) ranked email as their second preferred method for engaging with media brands.

While audienes place high importance in online channels, entertainment marketers invest proportionally litte in digital marketing: 56% invest less than
10% of their budgets on branded social media pages.

The auto industry takes front seat for customer analytics.
When it comes to analyzing customer data, it is the most advanced
and is increasingly emphasizing individualized offers.



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