Focusing on Making Better Decisions


Luck favors the prepared mind, so the saying goes. In my book that means working on the being prepared and getting ready to welcome opportunity — without making too firm of a plan.

This is especially useful in times of great uncertainty. It's how you keep your independent nature alive and thinking. Which means putting more effort and focus on the decision making part.

Results may or may not be there. And with change being so rapid, the next opportunity will likely look very different than the last one.

Your ability to deliver is based upon how you approach the challenge more than the results you netted in the past. This is true of individuals and organizations. The ability to keep better promises hinges on all that goes into making and keeping one in the first place.

Two variables in making better decisions:

1. Finding the meaningful angle — that which gives back strength and helps build resilience in pursuing mastery of a domain, thus creating endurance to be creative with experimentation of new models.

 2. Staying the course — we often give up too soon, or a moment before it works. It's uncanny, and we see it more clearly as we progress in our careers… when we look back! Look forward instead.

When what you're doing or communicating is not working, break it down in smaller pieces to test/learn which part is the issue — is it the thing itself, or do you need to talk about it more simply?

The specifics are up to you. What works for me may be a terrible idea for someone else. However, here's a list of tools to create better habits you may want to test.

Better habits make room for thinking more clearly, they free mental RAM. So you can focus it on your decision-making skills.



Valeria is an experienced listener. She designs service and product experiences to help businesses rediscover
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. She is also frequent speaker at
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