The Power of Yes

Having worked for many years on the corporate or enterprise side of business, I am well acquainted with walled gardens and departments of "no". At some point in the journey of the organization, those rules and policies made sense.

As industry and market contexts change, however, organizations suffer from misalignment and fragmentation that impacts their ability to make decisions grounded on present-moment reality. This added and unnecessary complexity prevents the business from competing effectively.

Technology has accelerated the pace of change and what is possible.

Beyond the implications on service and product, the impact is felt at a fundamental human level where independent thought is becoming more expensive — and rare — and analysis is based on what was done before.

My life work is focused on designing experiences that give back strength, resilience, and endurance to businesses, a topic that is often under-represented at conferences, yet is critical to helping close the gap on promises.

The power of yes is the road to connection. Simple, yet now easy to do.



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