Would You Rather Buy Time or Invest in it?


In talking with a colleague today, it occurred to me many organizations are still buying time hoping to stave off the oncoming wave of change technology has already unleashed upon so many business models.

Milk the cash cow is understandable when within the context of AND build a bridge to a model that takes into account the impact of digital on your products, especially when you're on the service side of business.

It's "both/and", software and service, online and offline, brand initiated and customer-driven, and so on.

The point is "watch and see" is not a strategy, it's a sure way to let other businesses and brands take your business by doing the job customers were hiring your company to do differently — better, faster, cheaper, more entertaining and simpler, lowering the barrier to adoption, any number of ways.

What happened in the music industry, that disruption is moving onto other forms of entertainment content and will be decimating the business models that cling onto archaic rules.

People are just going to find a way to get through, or around the obstacles placed in their way. 

The fundamental question then becomes, would you rather buy time, or invest in it?



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