3 Top Stories on Customer Service

Why so Many Companies Fail to Deliver on Customer Service

It is disheartening to experience such a race to the bottom.

This past week I made three separate inquiries about a recent booking
to American Express Travel, the last one on Twitter because I was
hoping against hope… No response. [read more]


CMOs Play Greater Role in Delivering Customer Experiences


A recent survey
(requires email to download) from Neolane and The CMO Club found that 9
out of 10 CMOs say they are personally responsible for the overall
customer experience for their brand, yet may not be fully equipped to
lead this critical function for the business. [read more]


Nordstrom's Big Secret

NordstromStore"Improve customer service."

And that is a direct quote from Jamie Nordstrom, president Nordstrom Direct.

Of all the good moves the luxury fashion specialty retailer makes as
part of its digital strategy, the best one is remembering that serving
customer in store remains a winning proposition.

Digital has changed customer expectations. [read more]



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