Bucket List

Being born in the middle of the summer means it is incredibly challenging to organize a party. In Europe, this is the time when people take their holidays with family.

This is part of the reason why I began to use my anniversaire (this is how you say birthday in French) as an opportunity to take stock of the things I accomplished and make note of what I want to do next.

I'm also terrible at asking and my "clues" as to what I'd like to do are generally so subtle that they get lost in the shuffle of daily life.

So I thought it a good idea to post my bucket list — things I want to do, people I'd like to meet, as they occur to me right now — as an open conversation with the universe, a way to welcome them into my life.

As I was writing this list, I was also impressed with the many places
I've spent time in, people I met, and things I have already done. In no particular order:

1. Get a book published    

2. Visit San Francisco

3. Take a walk with Brian Eno

4. Speak French fluently

5. Sing in front of an audience

6. Learn to tango

7. Live in an energy self-sufficient home

8. Create an experience that touches thousands of lives

9. Design a fashion line

10. Visit Provence

11. Learn acting

12. Meet Bono

13. Wine tasting in Napa

14. Be on the World Economic Forum guest list

15. Host a big conference

16. Visit Zurich

17. Speak at #WDS2014

18. Do brunch with Meryl Streep

19. Own a Mercedes-Benz

20. Compose a song with Daniel Lanois

21. Produce a show

22. Visit Malta

23. Learn photography

24. Participate to Le Dîner en Blanc in Paris

25. See the sunrise in New Zealand

26. Have my poems published

27. Ride a Ducati

28. Visit Barcelona

29. Visit Lake Como

30. Champagne tasting in Champagne

31. Have dinner with Helen Mirren

32. Visit Montenegro

33. Speak at TED

34. Ride on the Orient Express

35. Visit Capri

36. Live in Geneva for a year

37. Private

38. Private

39. Private       

I do like the idea of keeping a few items on the private side. 


[hat tip Dustin Curtis]


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