Success Creates Success

Small Changes Ripple Outward

In the same way that happiness creates opportunity.

A prequel to this thought if you are the person or the group of people influencing the context and you lead by example, is an environment filled with respect. It is a joy to work in such a positive space, and your energy carries far and wide.

A consequence to this thought for the individual contributor is learning to recognize and celebrate personal achievements. Technology has accelerated the pace of stimulation and simulation to the point that we may surpass our wildest dreams and not ever realize we've just done so.

Success creates success, and not the other way around. Watch this 12-minute talk by psychologist Shawn Achor for inspiration.

Achor says as a society we pushed happiness over the cognitive horizon. Because we think we'll be happier once we're successful. If happiness is on the opposite side of success, you never get there.

Instead, when we raise the level of positivity in the present, then the brain experience a "happiness advantage" — it performs significantly better than in negative, neutral, or under stress. Dopamine, the chemistry that makes us happier, also turns on all the learning centers in our brain.


Action plan: following the checklist above for (a mere) 21 days can rewire your brain.



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