What’s Going on That Matters

Conversation Agent Meaningful Actions

What's going on that matters is the first of a small number of questions we should ask as businesses. Next come decision moments — what change(s) is(are) needed, and what should we do first, then second, third, etc.

This is how you know a strategy is appropriate — it first identifies the nature of the challenge, it then looks to prove and/or disprove a thesis, then offers a set of coherent analyses, concepts, arguments, and actions to respond to that challenge with focus and discipline.

A while back I created a set of statements to describe meaningful actions for businesses:

  • Act appropriately – be human in conversation and in the
    moment to get the most out of opportunities in social and other technologies
  • Build prosperity and confidence by making the best promises
    you can keep
  • Connect ideas and people – execution is about relationships
  • Do the work with love and discipline
  • Focus on creating strong, resilient, and enduring businesses
  • Honor community
  • Listen, observe, and learn – how talk changes our lives
  • Respect the purpose and values of the business and its
  • Recognize the value and importance of planning and
  • Speak clearly – the
    language of sincerity is focused and purposeful

They are a constant reminder that how we go about executing our ideas is just as important as why we're doing what we do.



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