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Based upon the themes that come up most frequently in discussions and work with clients, I updated the write up I use as a conversation starter with event organizers.

My focus is more sharply centered on the impact of making and keeping
promises and the emergence of collaboration as a key driver in business

I am now working with organizers to customize topics based on goals and audience for Fall events.

A couple of idea starters I came up with are below. Since you are savvy and smart professionals, I was wondering what topics and themes are worth noting in addition to these.


Digital Products as Evolution of Content

Entrepreneurs and consultants have been leading the (digital) way that many organizations are now following.

Thanks to the ubiquity of broadband access, the familiarity with
technology, and the popularity of tablets, content consumption has gone
way up.

It has become viable for media companies to start
packaging content for on demand viewing, especially in response to new
entrants offering purchase of original content for streaming, and for
news organizations to start experimenting with new models that are not
so dependent on advertising revenue.

Some key areas of focus for this conversation

  • Thinking beyond tactics to creating an authentic and sustainable model
  • How to increase value by embedding products and services with purpose-driven utility
  • Examples of business that are succeeding at creating revenue streams

What's Next in Customer Experience

Customers are accelerating the adoption of mobile technologies to get
things done on the go. Trends like showrooming are blending the
digital/in store experiences with serious operational implications for

Digital media has opened the door to limitless inventory choices and
online only retailers are winning the day through a combination of
auction (e.g., eBay), and fast/reliable delivery (e.g., Amazon).
Providing great customer experiences is still a winning strategy.

However, today it needs to happen across media and tools. Successful
companies are leveraging a combination of technology and design to
create personalized offerings in real time — and over time.

What’s Next is designed to address some combination of the following questions:

  • What are the tech, service design, and operational implications of customers accelerating the blending of digital/in store?
  • How do you bridge online and offline, word of mouse with word of
    to help turn prospects into buyers (one transaction), buyers into
    customers (repeat transactions), and customers into fans and
  • How do you calculate the life time value of experiences you provide with your products/services?

Some additional thoughts on the seven shoulds of conference organization.


Past events include

Recent speaking engagements include International CES, Digital Age 2.0 in
Sao Paulo, Brazil, reThink in Oslo, Norway, the Word of Mouth Marketing
(WOMMA) Summit, Vocus User Group conference, keynotes on influence at
SxSW Interactive and Confab the Content Strategy conference, BlogWorld,
FutureM summit, Web 2.0 Expo, BrandCamp, The Inbound Marketing Summit,
Marketing Prof’s B2B Forum, and Mediabistro Circus.


Valeria is an experienced listener. She is also frequent speaker at
conferences and companies on a variety of topics. To book her for a
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