3 Problems with the “Be Human” to Connect Advice

The problem with the "be human" to connect narrative is that it's generic and overused, often an attempt at promoting the narrator as solution in search of a problem.

The continuous repetition of this narrative, and the broader "social" culture it spawns is a distraction from the more productive conversation on promises.

Monitoring and closing the gap between promises made and promises kept is the engine of commerce.

Connections are specific

Achieving goals and completing projects are activities filled with definition, measurement, monitoring and feedback, development, and optimization.

Almost without exception, building a sustainable business requires a commercially-minded group of people who are adept at coordinating and aligning resources to produce something valuable people are willing to pay for.

Connections are outcomes

When what is on offer is remarkable, fills a need, and works well no one cares what you do on Facebook. They care only about the tangible value that is on offer. 

Customers use products and services and come back for more if they deliver. A like is not a connection, it's an artificial construct on a social network.

Connections are hard to make

It's insulting and arrogant to transfer one's personal biases borne out of social interactions into codified advice for corporate entities that manage and organize hundreds of parts to bring products and services to market day in, day out.

Talking about connecting and conversation and then having a one way narrative that dictates what businesses should do, then getting sad when they don’t do what is prescribed falls squarely in the irony category.

A further demonstration that connections are hard to make.



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