Where Data and Creativity Overlap

Where data and creativity overlap

A conversation on data literacy between Hilary Mason, chief scientist, Bitly and co-founder of hackNY and Leslie Bradshaw, COO of the startup Guide.

I met Leslie prior to that as co-founder of the digital agency Jess3 when I spoke at FutureM, Cambridge, and I'll look forward to comparing notes next time we meet at an event on media and entertainment.

The graph you see here depicts the overlapping worlds of Mason and Bradshaw through data:

This page was a collaboration: Bradshaw, Mason, and their respective teams pulled together biographical facts, as well as stats about each person’s social media networks.

Then, we sent the info to research firm Beutler for analysis and story structure. Information design specialist Tiffany Farrant-Gonzalez created a wireframe blueprint and Milan-based studio La Tigre gave the final graphic its color and texture.

And that’s how data sparks creativity.

We have in common seven of the mutual connections and friends highlighted in the chart.


With data, it is the query set that matters — the questions you ask and set out to prove and disprove. That's my version of the data/creativity overlap.


[hat tip Fast Company]


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