3 Inspirational Talks on Creativity, Collaboration, and Work Worth Doing

[direct link to the TED talk]

I was talking with a colleague about a project today. We're building an iPad add for child learning for an organization, and we're both passionate about creativity inherent with learning.

Given how quickly data and information change the specs for the tools we enroll to do things, becoming proficient at taking in and making sense of new information is a critical skill. It goes beyond just searching and sharing links.

People know so much stuff they just put "on the shelf" and keep there, as Sir Ken Robinson says at the beginning of this talk. There is a demand for talking sense into how we spend our formative years, because they help us form lifelong habits.

The talk is about 18 minutes, and he is quite funny.

Orchestrating collaboration

Orchestrating Collaboration
is the title of a talk Ben Zander, the conductor of the Boston
Philharmonic Orchestra, gave at the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2008 [the video is 9 minutes].

The talk draws from the materials in the Zanders' book, The Art of Possibility, published in 2000. Still very much contemporary. The book contains many lessons for those of us who are eager to move beyond the mere mechanics of what is, to what could be.

Work worth doing

Finally, I am resharing Randy Pausch
last lecture on really achieving your childhood dreams. If you haven't seen this
video, do set aside the hour to watch it. At about minute 52, he shares
his own methodology on providing students a way to learn what it's like
to work with each other.

I also found that the best way to teach (and learn) something is
to be engaged with people who are equally enthralled by the process of
doing and the love of learning



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