On Graft, Focus, Determination, and Attitude

You want something, go get it. Period.

You offer a service?

Then go to your market rather than passively wait for them to stumble on your site, and if they do – great, treat that traffic as a bonus.

For products, I can tell you that success is more about specialising in particular products, offline marketing, networking (aforementioned methods), distribution through resellers etc. If you sell a commodity product, you simply shouldn't.

There's no great revelation to my advice, but it works – it just takes some graft which people seem to be very averse to – and it very much helps to have a good service or product to sell too, instead of peddling that generic commodity item that so many people seem to do.

[Andrew in a comment to this post on Google]

Is that something you want to have an opinion? Earn it.

When I think about the world in which we live and the organizations in which we work, I can’t help but think that few people have the intellectual honesty, time, and discipline required to hold a view.

We have a bias for action and, equally important, a bias for the appearance of knowledge.

When’s the last time you heard someone say I don’t know?


If you push too far you won’t be at the next meeting because everyone knows you’ll do the work and that means they know that by inviting you they’ll be forced to think about things a little more, to anticipate arguments, etc. In short, inviting you means more work for them.

It’s nothing personal.

[Shane Parrish on opinions and organizational theory]

Two for two. Good food for thought midweek.

(emphasis mine)



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