Commerce and Media Continue to Blend

MoswalmartThis is a trend, and not a fad.When we talked about creative ways of going to the movies, we scratched the surface on what is to come.

We're seeing it every day in our work — thanks in part to better technology platforms and systems integrations and in part to savvier shoppers armed with a smartphone#, media companies that do well are learning to behave more like retailers.

Guess where you can buy screening tickers for the upcoming Man of Steel by Warner Bros.? That's right, at Walmart. The company has been dedicating resources to identify how its digital presence can be as much a part of its customers’ lives as the stores are today#.

Localize pricing and get the massive distribution power of a universally recognized brand that gets logistics, even when they are about putting people in seats.

Retailers re moving more into the entertainment, media, and publishing realm. And they know how to move merchandize. According to the NYT:

People who buy the advance tickets will also be able to pre-order the
movie on DVD or Blu-ray disc. They will also receive a free digital
comic book written by the “Man of Steel” screenwriter, David Goyer

Smack in middle, is the ability to book digital inventory while A/B testing markets, analyzing patterns, embedding social into the experience, and optimizing for that next time.



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