Why You Need Buy-in to Get Attention

While I've often tucked this idea into articles and posts, it is especially useful to review some of the reasons why your programs and resource investment may not be working as they should.

Start with the product

This is kind of obvious, yet it bears repeating. In a rapidly changing environment that puts customers front and center, most organizations are not creating the most appropriate (and enjoyable) experiences for people.

Which means they are unknowingly delivering disconnected impressions.

Start with the job to get done. Does your product still fill a need? Is the service in need of improvement?

Maybe the product is sound, works well, and can be truly useful.

How to get attention

The signal vs. noise ratio has gone way up in the undifferentiated mass marketing.

Hundreds of potential channels, screens, and networks to chose from, you're just not going to know which ones are in front of your prospective buyers right now.

Your business already gets customers attention in the form of repeated transactions.

  • Are you communicating clearly a personalized value proposition? 
  • Do your actions match your promises?
  • Are the product/service delivery experiences consistently closing that gap?
  • Do you make room for your customers to provide feedback and be part of the experience?

When attracting prospective buyers, prioritize a series of easy actions, not just one transaction.

  • Are you asking a small enough commitment and making it super easy?
  • Do you make the experience compelling?
  • Are you offering opportunities to validate your claims?
  • Have you built a bridge to the next experience to help them come back?

On the heels of a world where buying attention is getting increasingly challenging and (potentially) expensive, to get attention you need buy-in first.



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