Trends in Social

In a tweet: contextual attention is the currency of the social Web. Real time for customers and brands works when it means relevance, which is what leads to action.

I've been thinking about the evolution of social in technology implementations. Beyond automating messages and preparing content/editorial calendar is a much greater opportunity for integrating relevance in response to listening and monitoring. 

This post by Darren Herman of kbs+ Ventures announcing an investment in SocialFlow got me thinking about the themes in a slightly different way.

My take on the trends Darren lists

1.  Evolution of Communications Architecture — content and measurement are the connective tissue across media

2.  Communications Velocity — we should not chase speed for speed's sake, unless it's in a flame red convertible car and we let out hair down… seriously though, on point is the new fast

3.  Big Big Data — the query set, what you're measuring and why are critical (or you drown and learn nothing)

4.  The Shift of Dollars — because of the previous points, this is about matching investment to real actions… yet, I would not want to breeze over the brand awareness part of the conversation so that needs to be addressed as well

These are just thought starters. The real hard thinking goes to client work, of course.

What's your take? Do you leverage SocialFlow for your marketing?



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