What Would You Give up to Get Back?



"To center is to relax the tight fist of clinging. Into the open hand falls freedom." [Thomas Crum, Journey to Center]

Is it Twitter? You enjoy it and you're good with it, yet it may be too easy to whittle away time – and it saps away creativity that you could invest in another project.

Is it turning off the Internet altogether? Something about being bored causes us to be more productive. Doing one thing at a time makes us more
focused on the task at hand so we get it done faster. Distractions
indulge the procrastinator in us.

Is it trying to be all things to all people for your brand? Instead, being more focused on the personality it already has and
potentially aspire to the one it can achieve. Remember that in
perceptual maps you can move only in one direction.

Is it cutting out what is not essential to your
paragraph? In considering this piece, I thought about quoting from Al
Ries' 22 Immutable Laws of Branding. It didn't quite fit, so out it came. (And ironically, it's back again.)

When it comes to your business, your brand, your projects, your relationships, or your Friday schedule, what would you give up to get back?



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