How to Gain Momentum by Acting Small

Sumo_mismatchIs your marketing not gaining momentum and the right kind of velocity?

It could be because of the unbalanced relationship between force, mass, and acceleration.

Interpreting from Newton's laws of motion, your marketing may suffer from inertia (which, was discovered by Galileo and René Descartes), changing only when pushed by an external force; constant mass and movement, with no growth acceleration; and getting an opposite reaction equal in force to your action or push.

In physics, the force necessary to accelerate and object by a given
amount depends on the object's mass or amount of matter.

The greater the
mass, the bigger the force you need.

Who will be harder to move in the photo?

Many organizations are
finding it hard to gain momentum and velocity without the fear of
falling flat, because of their mass. 

Emerging media allows you to develop laser focus in your marketing,
act small while you take advantage of the following forces to scale as
necessary, and thus gain momentum.

How do you defy Newton's laws of motion in your marketing?

(1.) integrate people, processes, and technology

You need to start going beyond the fascination with using
social media in a state of inertia, as channels to stream your
messaging, to a state of planned motion. Equal parts proactive internal preparation — realigning resources — and external readiness — be available in response.

It's not just slapping things together, it's thinking about marketing as a system.

For example, many of the efforts put forth by Ford in social media got the car maker integrated with how people drive its cars, and thus helped the company change the way the cars are being made today. It did not happen overnight.

Rather, it was an evolution of customer conversations with Ford engineers via social experiences, and monitored interactions with the cars themselves that transformed the new Ford into a node in their (communication) network.

(2.) humanize business

Growth acceleration
happens with the help of the minds and hearts at work in your business. Like it or not, no individual is an island and in the more complex and fast changing environment in which we find ourselves, every organization needs collaborators.

Individuals who help energize your motion forward so that you're not alone
pushing through the dip when things get hard. Having an engaged and engaging team of self motivated individuals who can
work in autonomy at the service of customers is walking the talk on "human".

It's not just meaningful marketing, it's about meaningful business. Emphasis on meaningful.

For example, take a look at Joie de Vivre Hospitality,
the brainchild of Chip Conley, whose heart was focused on employee and
guest satisfaction when he founded the boutique hotel company in 1987. The independent hotel company in California had guest rewards as part of its karmic capitalism philosophy.

Commune, a new lifestyle hotel group formed in October 2011, now manages 45
properties under the distinctive Thompson Hotels and Joie de Vivre
Hospitality brands.

(3.) gain permission

Start pulling instead of pushing and watch that negative force
dissolve. Be magnetic, be interesting with valuable content that is useful to your customers. Which means you need to get up close and personal with them to get it right.

At a minimum, stop subscribing people to email newsletters, and start
making it very easy and compelling to want to receive information from

It's not just about asking, it's about making something worth receiving.

For a content example, review the super useful SmartBrief newsletters, packed with well researched and curated content that makes it easy to share with your network [disclosure: I have been both a customer, and am currently a member of the Advisory Board of SmartBrief on Social Media]


Movement and velocity give you a competitive advantage only when you think connections, act human, and make something worth having, starting with the product itself.

What are other examples of businesses that defy Newton's laws of motion?


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