Perspective in Business

“I suppose I could make it less mentally taxing if I just sat there and didn’t make an effort to engage people or treat them like human beings (and there are some folks who do exactly that), but that’s not how I roll, and I will stop attending conventions before I become That Guy.

That Guy has no perspective, no humility, no gratitude, and while I’ve met him a few times (there are a few people who act like fans at conventions are simply meatbags attached to wallets) I won’t ever be him.”

[Wil Wheaton]

I found the story wrapped around this quote moving because so human.  

That Guy is still pervasive in conference Halls and in the halls of business. When no time is taken to acknowledge the person in front of you, to cultivate raw talent, to listen to and find ways to enroll the contribution of others — especially as they offer a different point of view.

Perspective is a good lens to bring to business… and life.



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