Seeking to Connect

In my April 2010 post on how I use Google Reader I outlined the research and content discovery benefits, how it helps me see topical patterns and separate noise from signal — I cull my folders frequently.

I've made many connections as a result of a properly groomed RSS feed, and have been able to keep up with a fair number of sources because divorced from the many other activities that take place in social networks.

Just the searchable folders and my cup of coffee.

The best thing about Google Reader is that from one place I could share to multiple networks, which I use differently. Google Reader is my content distribution center and archive.

Most of the traffic to this blog is generated from email lists that people have created internally to their agencies and companies, and not, as it used to be, social networks (although Twitter is still a big source of referrals).

Most of my serious sharing in the last two years has also been by email and to lists with some Twitter, Google+ and the Facebook page as part of the mix, and not the core.

The core is about seeking connection, and connection happens with time and over time, unlikely in drive-by formats (Twitter) where everyone waves *their* link to the other and off to the next check-in.

This is why I will miss Google Reader — because it was a useful tool on a personal level.



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