Examples of Providing Value by Curating Content

The tools make it easy to like, share, bookmark, email, etc. Where your value comes in is helping make sense of the information.

Whether you're educating, entertaining, or elevating topics, you could find your advantage in curating content even in a crowded industry because:

  • becoming a useful filter makes you a destination
  • commenting and intelligent framing of conversation are still in scarce supply
  • showing trends and patterns from compiling information is powerful
  • providing content in a way that makes it usable gains you a loyal following
  • seeing what's out there helps you find gaps in demand
  • curating allows you to set the tone for where the focus should be
  • seeing your role as that of ultimate decision maker on what's in and what's out

Examples of curating information with blogs are links that pertain to
a particular topic or subject of interest to readers, as well as
commentary on articles or quotes, both of which have been executed in a
variety of creative formats.


[from Curating Information as Content Strategy]


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