Strategy is Motivation

Bestof_BrandStrategyThe most frequently asked questions teams ask during a strategic
engagement range from learning what best practices like companies use
online, to how to respond in a crisis situation.

Yet, by far, the
biggest challenge organizations face is that of building continuity and consistency in their interactions.

Why is this such a challenge?

For several reasons:

  • many organizations operate in an environment where buy in by multiple groups is a necessity
  • thinking ahead is hard when immersed in the day-to-day operations of the business
  • planning programs vs. campaigns requires coordination with several other agencies, especially in the enterprise
  • companies are still having a hard time reconciling the name
    recognition of the individual vs. using a completely branded approach
  • analysis-paralysis or inability to get started
  • over reliance on the opinion of experts with little attention paid to the ideas and feedback of the people on the front lines

I collected a series of "best of"marketing strategy and brand execution posts in one place for reference. Ranging from brands with passionate evangelists, to brand success stories, how to plan executions and measuring success.

Dig in and put your questions in the comments here — I may even use them for follow up posts.



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