Content DNA – it’s in the Storytelling

Content Analysis: Where is the Story from Valeria Maltoni

In many organizations, content is still an afterthought — campaigns rule, connecting the
dots is still an aspiration. Going from marketing at to publishing and
interacting with is a stretch. Writing in ways that make you more
relatable to is one way to build muscle agility toward it.

Two years ago, I created a deck to serve as visual content analysis to answer the question — where is the story? — for a post by Om Malik wrote

He followed a fairly simple structure in his post.

The piece is about corporate DNA. It relates to readers on many levels:

  1. it's rich in information you can use
  2. it's conversational in tone
  3. thus it's very personal
  4. therefore engaging
  5. because you relate to it, even if you haven't met Malik
  6. yet, it makes you want to meet him or get to know him better
  7. in fact, you probably want to be a better person when you're done reading it

The three main elements can be distilled down to: person to person,
which frames and gains permission to talk about business to business,
and a call to action at the end.

You all have stories that are personal, that create intimacy, that
people can relate to, and that you can relate to those of other business

Wouldn't you want to elicit the same
kind of visceral response when customers read your content as you get
from his post?



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