How We Use Smartphones and Social Predictions


It looks like the least activity with a mobile phone these days is actually making calls.

A recent report with global data on The Mobile Consumer by Nielsen tallies mobile data from the U.S. and other major markets and breaks down adoption, mobile behavior, and advertising.

According to the report (see diagram below), people see ads in the following percentages and countries, including apps, mobile internet, watching video, streaming online music, in online games, location-based services(LBS)/GPS, and text messages/SMS.

Mobile ADs

Top smartphone shopping activities include browsing products, price comparison, and reading product reviews. In the U.S., we are more likely to use smartphones for in-store price comparison, online coupons, and to purchase products.

It's interesting to see the gap between the chart above that tallies percentages for ads seen on LBS and the use of LBS for shopping activities. Would we not have LBS data integration in store/brand loyalty apps? 

Mobile Shopping Behavior
Games are the most used type of app in more than half of the selected countries with China, Australia, the U.S., Italy, and Brazil in the lead. Social networking app usage is strongest in the U.S., with 85 percent of American smartphone owners as regular users.

Below are some social predictions from a group of smart marketers polled by Dell. My contribution on what I'd like to see more of from brands and the channel primed for growth is on slide 15. I did mention a LBS as we are now in the phase of mobile as a verb, as in where I am right now.

Social Media Predictions for 2013 from Dell Social Media

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