Social Media: 100 Ideas


From the most amazing connection you can make, to the weirdest and
most inappropriate question asked in public, here are my 100 thoughts on
social media:

  1. step into the conversation realizing that not everything needs to be more dramatic online
  2. be alright with the idea that relationships may be temporary
  3. don't let judgment guide the next step all the time
  4. share experiences, in moderation
  5. use multimedia for learners and readers with different
  6. use your content and smarts to elevate the other
  7. be helpful
  8. care
  9. realize that the most important person is the other
  10. make the content rock
  11. help readers rock
  12. listen and ask questions
  13. stay humble
  14. keep learning
  15. participate sincerely, and not to brown nose
  16. connect
  17. take responsibility
  18. resist copying
  19. liberate your inner fan
  20. transform your attitude
  21. challenge your assumptions
  22. think community vs. self
  23. collaborate freely
  24. develop opportunity
  25. stay passionate
  26. insist on authenticity
  27. stay open to changing your mind
  28. provide a platform for others to find people with like interests
  29. build interactions in your conversations
  30. stay curious
  31. stay offline when you're tired or argumentative
  32. dream, think, do
  33. facilitate conversations
  34. build prototypes
  35. invent possibilities
  36. use engagement to accelerate learning
  37. brag about your fans products and services
  38. evangelize your employees
  39. observe more, judge less
  40. see the social triggers that make stuff happen
  41. be more transparent
  42. choose teaching over winning
  43. open communication lines
  44. prefer open understanding
  45. keep your promises
  46. build an extra mile on someone else's runway
  47. laugh more, especially about yourself
  48. be courageous
  49. stay with it through the thick and thin
  50. tell stories
  51. respect private
  52. find a cause for the fire in your belly
  53. be original, be yourself
  54. celebrate common traits
  55. want less, do more
  56. become the person you'd like to be
  57. stay soft on people when you're hard on issues
  58. appreciate the small gestures, they are a big deal
  59. communicate more, when in doubt
  60. amaze yourself
  61. recognize talent
  62. take more walks
  63. connect because you want to, not because you feel you have to
  64. discover and highlight worthy projects
  65. understand the power of silence
  66. stay hungry
  67. thank often and liberally
  68. be patient
  69. encourage exploration
  70. make your writing a work of art
  71. find mentors
  72. practice what you preach
  73. be flexible
  74. adopt and credit good ideas
  75. break down elitist walls
  76. step out of formulas
  77. reinvent joy
  78. earn your stripes
  79. face your responsibilities
  80. recognize and celebrate differences
  81. learn to think with your own experience
  82. invest in building something
  83. appreciate success is several years in the making
  84. know your values
  85. work with others, it's not a competition
  86. make someone's day
  87. put people first
  88. read more, react less
  89. know your limits
  90. find inspiration
  91. experiment
  92. adjust
  93. be ready to be surprised
  94. get to know your peers
  95. inspire and find inspiration
  96. know you make a difference
  97. forget the numbers, you count
  98. let others opt in
  99. set a good example, thank often
  100. raise your industry, community, readers

The highly capable people, the "power users", are not those who
mastered the tools, those who make perfect, know all the answers, and
tower over it all. They're those who elevate
. One last thought: when you know why you're going, you can move fast.

Your turn now. What are your thoughts on social media? Have they changed over time?


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