The More the Content, The Greater Demand for Context

Which is why events like Social Media Week and conversations at blogs where there is ownership and continuity (like this one) are so important. 

To make sense of what we're learning we need reference points — some of them we base on mental models, some we generate and elicit through discussing and confronting/explaining our ideas with others.

I like the second better, because it enlists subtext to fill in the context nuance blanks. Which is why when I speak at events I often attend and participate in the program as well. 

Here's a handful biases from Farnam Street own Latticework of Mental Models. See if they sound familiar:

30. Bias from the status quo
31. Do something tendency
32. Do nothing tendency
33. Over-influence from precision/models
34. Simplicity Bias
35. Uncertainty avoidance
36. Ideological bias
37. Not invented here bias — thinking that our own ideas are the best ones
38. Bias from over-weighting the short-term
39. Tendency to avoid extremes
40. Tendency to solve problems using only the field we know best / favored ideas. (Man with a hammer.)


Context is where online and offline blend.



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