48 Percent Combine Social and Search in Buying Process


We're social creatures, we tend to follow the advice of our friends and neighbors. 78 percent of us would rather buy a product or service upon the (genuine) recommendation of another person than by clicking on an ad. Even though one third of that number posts reviews online. 

Which is where social comes in, and why combining search and social is increasingly the best way to purchase. Already, 48 percent combine both in their buying process. 

Customer service is social. If you do well by customers, you can
proudly play back to them the comments, reviews, and discussions they
have about how well you did.

Good customer service affects the bottom line

According to recent surveys, resolving customer problems in a timely fashion helps with retention.

It especially helps with positive word of mouth among the age groups most active in social networks — the very same ones who are most attractive to brands.

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[Pew survey


Social is a way of doing business.


[infographic source]


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