Build Once, Scale Everywhere


We've been talking so long about having a mobile strategy that the time for it came and went.

In the age of digital convergence, where content, community, and commerce are coming together to deliver real time relevance and over time effectiveness mobile is a contextual reference (almost) in the same way as browser is a gateway to the Internet.

Ian Truscott delightful post outlines the challenge marketers and content producers face:

our content delivery machines are going to figure all that out and
assemble our carefully crafted content and deliver it to the right
person in the most relevant way – automagically.

When the C level person in our lives, climbs down to our lowly
marketing cupboard and asks what the bloody hell are we doing about
engaging the cool kids on PinterbookIn or Google trousers and you smile
and because the machine knows – you stand up and show the old pointy
haired boss your Google trousers and your message expertly optimized for the length of your right thigh.

Create once, publish everywhere — omni-channel and multi device — is possible. In fact, it's the only way to build in a way that scales and many brands are jumping on board to connect with today's customers who search, share, and drive real results through involvement.

Integrating operations and customer touch points from store and contact center, all the way through web, mobile, social, devices, and emerging channels is a smart way to go.

Something to think about as you head into the weekend.



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