Decisions, Scale, and Experiences

A fascinating project and example of strategic design:

Humans have attempted to structure their understanding of the world since ancient times. Taking a pile of items and finding order in their coexistence is one way of searching for meaning by focusing on the relationships between things.

Different taxonomies create different alignments and leave open different gaps. Building and rebuilding these structures is a way to be diligent about seeing all aspects of an issue and discovering areas that need more attention.

Things we often overlook when creating experiences:

  • decisions at one specific scale affect or are affected by decisions at other scales
  • understanding both the intended and unintended consequences of an action
  • new conditions that involve taking action in a new context
  • the degree of urgency with which we need to act to make it meaningful
  • self-examination to become aware of our assumptions

We live in a highly complex context that requires a strategic and thoughtful approach to designing experiences.

Strategy is not a static condition, rather a motivating factor. 


[hat tip Experientia]


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