The Importance of Clarity

After posting daily and re-imagining the conversation on this blog for more than six years, a pause felt necessary. While doing is important, I believe "being" precedes it.

The focus of my work continues to be that of designing the experience that connects a business and its customers.

To me, the answer to how can we employ technology to design human-centered experiences? starts with understanding where we are and the job we're trying to do and building a path to it.

Before we go ahead and challenge the status quo, we need to gain clarity on the sincerity of our promise and the energy we're willing to expend to make the flight.

Because for your voice and presence not to get drowned in a sea of sameness, it needs to be true to who you are — as a person, and a business.

I'm here, and I'm listening.



Valeria is an experienced listener. She is also frequent speaker at
conferences and company events on a variety of topics. To book her for a
speaking engagement click here.

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