Rebuilding Community for the Web


    Blogging is a form of contribution to the open Web. It's the process of writing to the way things are to design better conversations and build communities of thought and practice. The problem with blogging Is that it needs work.

    Just when it was becoming useful as a form of thinking out loud, of carrying out conversations with others through posts, across blogs, in comments, etc. it became a tool to convince and convert — most stopped linking to content other than their own, and advice hit the recycle circuits.

    The broad expec­ta­tion that regu­lar peo­ple might own their own iden­ti­ties by having their own web­si­tes, ins­tead of being depen­dent on a few big sites to host their online iden­tity# was not the only identity we lost from the early days of the Web.

    To me the conversation about rebuilding needs to put people at the center, so it has to be about community.


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