CES: The New Hollywood Equation – Content Owners, New Platforms, Agents & Commerce

CESEarly next year, I will be speaking on a panel as part of the Digital Hollywood events at CES (consumer electronics show).

The topic of our panel is: The New Hollywood Equation – Content Owners, New Platforms, Agents & Commerce.

As the entertainment industry enters its next phase of production and distribution — where digital technologies are taking an even more central role — the core relationships among power players are evolving and becoming more complex. Here's the full run down.

This topic looks interesting because the direct relationship between people and businesses is now creating a situation where platforms (social networks), content owners (authors, bloggers, original creators), attention and deal brokers (agents, intermediaries) are all vying for the top position or at least a slice of the public's attention pool.

Whose brand is better recognized? Which garners more attention as a destination?

That's where the money flows. Opportunity is also based upon situational availability — i.e., where I am right now, and the easier/most convenient way to get the job done — e.g., watching a movie, reading a story, passing on information, etc.

See for example about extending the shelf life of attention using going to the movies as the activity.

Another angle on this one might be how celebrities are leveraging social networks to go direct to fans (Louis C.K., Lady Gaga, Radiohead, Coldplay, etc.) and is there a place for agents/studios to still add value besides forking over marketing dollars? [yes, there is].

The additional point of view I will be bringing to the conversation is that of brands as I wore the client hat for many years. My point of view is informed by human value, as always.

It will be a spirited conversation with contributions from industry veterans and digital strategy colleagues. Hope to see you there.



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