To Sell is Human: the Surprising Truth About Moving Others

ToSellisHumanWhen I learned Dan Pink was working on a new book, I reached out to see if we could host a conversation about the topic.

Indeed, we are organizing a super cool, invitation-only event for clients at work in about one month.

Take a look at my book reviews, and you will see his previous books listed — Drive, The Adventures of Johnny Bunko, for example.

Pink brought us A Whole New Mind (one of my favorite books) and Free Agent Nation as live events a few years back.

I just finished reading the galley copy of To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others, and am already recommending it. The book addresses a universal need — that of understanding the art and science of selling.

Pink reminds us we're all in sales, and explains what it means in the new context created by savvy buyers. I've long maintained that persuasion is about giving you enough information so you can make up your own mind, or decide based upon what you want to do and the job you need to get done.

The material is organized in three sections, with plenty of stories for each:

  1. Rebirth of a salesman — setting the tone for why this is important
  2. How to be — the new ABC's are attunement, buoyancy, and clarity
  3. What to do — an exploration of how to pitch, improvise, and serve in the new context, with related exercises to test yourself

The official book release date is December 31 — the perfect gift to gain traction and build momentum for 2013. Pre-order By December 30, and get five freebies.

I recommend the book without hesitation. Here's a link to the 6-page introduction.



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