Protecting Enthusiasm


"Take care not to casually discuss matters that are of great importance to you with people who are not important to you. … Most people only know how to respond to an idea by pouncing on its shortfalls rather than identifying its potential merits. Practice self-containment so that your enthusiasm won’t be frittered away."

[Epictetus via Sharon Lebell]


As a natural enthusiast willing to share, over the years I have found myself in tight spots and moments of discouragement.

My gratitude goes to the rare mentors and dear friends who have understood and nurtured my desire to tackle important matters and honored a safe context in which to engage.

Starting with my amazing mother who helped me become the person I am, my long time business mentor, counselor, and friend who is doing such needed work on pragmatic and experiential education, to my dear friends who entrust me with their moments of inspiration and vulnerability.

Listening is a lost art, and very much part of what makes conversation — and being human — work and matter.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who live in the U.S.

Gratitude has no borders: I joyously extend my wishes for a peaceful and enthusiastic end-of-the-week to all.


[hat tip Farnam Street]

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