The 2,000 Most Important Films Infographic


It took five years to research and design.

The criteria Larry Gormley used for ranking and inclusion were:

  • Critical acclaim: did one or more respected and published film
    critics designate the film as important and worthy of recognition. Some
    examples include: the Nation Society of Film Critics and Roger Ebert.
  • Key film: was the film important to a particular genre (for
    example, the first film of that genre); did an important director make
    the film; did the film have unique production values; did the film have
    historical value.
  • Awards: did the film win one or more major awards such as the Academy Award or Golden Globe award.
  • Box office success: did the public embrace the movie; did the movie attain significant box office revenue.

A fascinating look at our culture through the lens of the stories we tell, and sell.

Spanning 100 years and 20 genres from drama and westerns dominating the silent era, to a medley of genres and favoring musicals during the studio era, to sci-fi getting a larger share during the rise of independents, and peaking in the new Hollywood era to the fantasy and animation of present day.

Hard to pick just a few with so many choices.

Being a big fan of James Bond, I consider the series remarkably resilient by making room for cultural changes — the spy embodied the main currents of his times. 007 just celebrated 50 years.


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