It's very tempting to adopt a "just give me the formula" kind of thinking.

Expecially when the expectation of the total communication about idea development and execution is starting to look like a tweet.

To over-regulate when we have lost the ability to self-regulate.

To make excuses for our lack of power when we could have greatly influenced how a business keeps its promises by empowering ourselves (see/thank you Frank Eliason).

I do have a Formula I follow… for everything else there's sense making. Which, by the way, doesn't preclude doing or making. In fact, it welcomes it.

This is a good example of book as artifact to have a useful conversation with yourself. If that interests you, pick up a copy of Stop with the BS today. Do stop by and leave a review on Amazon when/after you read the book. It helps Shane Mac and Sarah Peck.


[image via and by Sarah Kathleen Peck]


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