9 Recent Posts at Conversation Agent you Might have Missed

Customer Behavior in a Post Advertising World


Conversation is one of the best tools for customer connection.


Happiness is the Best Global Brand


The verb of the Web is share.

We go online to share our story — our creations, opinions, dreams,
hopes, places, ambitions, and successes. Sometimes we also share the not
so good moments. Most of the time, we look to inspire and be inspired.


How Social Currency Influences Behavior


It's the age of the connected customer and people are now comfortable using technology to share
privately or in public.


The Moving Line in Behavior Driving Blurring of Digital/in Store


The holiday season is almost upon us.

Retailers with stores and without a digital strategy may be getting coal in their stocking come January.


Language Patterns in Bad Comments


The analysis of language patterns in communications is rich with cultural and behavioral insights.


Good Quality Content Never Went out of Style

We temporarily forgot that with good, fast, and cheap we still get to pick just two.


Why Listening is Hard and How to Think Critically

The thought process that guides my work starts with why — the reasons and or questions that underlie a problem (yes, problem and not opportunity just yet) — and how to go about breaking it down into parts we can address.


What is the Business Model for Transformation?


If, like me, you're curious to see how the reports track in
hindsight, you can find some (relatively) older briefings on the IFTF


Why Customers Turn to Social for Service and Support


Customers are going more and more online, and are becoming
increasingly demanding. They choose when and where to ask questions,
talk about issues and share complaints, blurring the line between
Marketing and Customer Service.


This is what I've been thinking about in the last couple of weeks. How about you? What themes, issues, and topics are you traacking?



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