Happiness is the Best Global Brand


The verb of the Web is share.

We go online to share our story — our creations, opinions, dreams, hopes, places, ambitions, and successes. Sometimes we also share the not so good moments. Most of the time, we look to inspire and be inspired.

And sharing happiness is the best global brand, according to Interbrand's newly released report for 2012.

Some statistics on Coca-Cola, the #1 brand:

  • the company is 126 years old
  • it has more than 50 million fans on Facebook
  • 1.8 billion Coke products are consumed daily
  • with a diverse portfolio of 3,500 beverages

The company is also going for content fluency, which is about about getting the mechanics and the execution right. It has already demonstrated it can be nimble and is among the top brands to integrate digital media and social technologies as part of the overall business strategy by:

  • creating content that makes a commitment to making the world a better place and developing value and significance in people’s lives… while at the same time driving business objectives for Coca-Cola, and
  • through the stories they tell, provoking conversations and earning a disproportionate share of popular culture

Technology and specifically digital and social may be drivers of the change in some of the top performers, which I will list in a moment. However, a return to humanism — or as I like to say, uploading humanism — is a key factor in the weighing.

From the report:

Today's best brands are in touch with their own humanity and the humanity of others.

They listen to consumers, employees, and investors alike and respond to the messages they receive.

They want to know how people really feel about their company, they gather input and use it to drive innovation, and they realize that there is a lot to be learned from the wisdom of crowds.

The challenge for brands is to respond quickly and with sincerity, or they risk compromising the relationship.

A brand is a business asset even as it plays a role in people's lives.

Who are the top risers?

Apple, Samsung, Oracle, and Amazon at #2, #9, #18, and #20 respectively.


Apple leaped forward by recognizing that a brand is what connects a business with the hearts and minds of consumers.

Samsung with a market share of 19.1%, became the global leader for smartphone shipments in 2011 ahead of Apple and Nokia. The company plans to sell its own Microsoft Windows phone and a series of Windows 8 computers, to sit alongside the new Galaxy SIII and Note.

The report credits Oracle's commitment to branching out beyond database solutions in order to stay ahead of competitors, as well as the company's acquisitions, as the drivers of increased brand value.

Amazon just gets digital. The company holds the secret to online dominance. Amazon.com has single-handedly redefined how we'd like to have an
online purchasing experience: fast, interesting, and personal.

It's in the many micro-interactions that we have throughout the site that we end up spending time and eventually money. Now they bring the immediacy of clicking on that quick checkout button to the product's delivery with Locker Delivery.

That's not all. The Kindle Fire enjoys the world’s second-largest tablet market share.

Nissan is also a top riser at #73.

New to the list

A couple of brands new to list are worthy of mention. Pampers debuts at #34, Facebook at #69, Prada at #84, Kia at #87, Ralph Lauren at #91, and Mastercard at #94.


A quick snapshot of Interbrand's methodology:


You can find a larger version in the report.



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