Customer Recommendations that Actually Make Sense


A couple of years ago, we talked about 4 hot new trends in marketing by context building based upon the convergence of technology and service. We're now starting to see many examples of those trends as products and services:

1. Brand as butler

Opportunities you have to be a platform for connectivity, a source of
information, a tool and compass that provides utility to your customers.
Building on what I wrote here about apps for customer service.



2. Personal brand

In the emerging technologies bucket, you should think about mobile communication as a totally new kind of opportunity for brands to get personal. It seems like a billion years ago when I wrote this post about 5 ways to add value with mobile content.

3. Brand new or R&D 

Building a
context that goes beyond capturing customer intelligence and moves into
the realm of true collaboration to reinvent products and co-create.
Trending from the ten ideas for conversation we discussed a couple of years ago.

4. On demand brands

This ability is ideal for storystreaming
as a way to orchestrate micro interactions with customers, partners and
the whole market ecosystem. The on demand characteristic facilitates
portability, adaptability, and connection.


A 2011 American Express survey found that 70% of American consumers
were willing to spend more with brands that provided a great service, while 60% thought brands weren’t thinking enough about the
service experience


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