The Person Who Tells a Version of the Story Best Wins

There is truth to that. And maybe there are a thousand variations of telling the story best.

With social media, you have the long tail effect.

the concept to your content or stories, given a large enough
availability of choice (for example the content of a blog) a large
population of potential customers (virtually everyone online who is conducting a
search)and negligible stocking and distribution costs (online),
social network mechanisms engage to help spread your content.

That is if
the content appeals and is useful to someone.

I searched for my
blog's name the other day and found a wealth of information that
supports this idea. Wikis, discussion boards, comments to posts,
aggregation sites, not unlike FriendFeed, where people had referred to
my content and built upon it.

That is good feedback — actually great

This is where the content becomes used and worked upon through
participation and discussion by people who know people who I do not
know — without me watching or "managing" it.

The person who tells the story or version of the story best wins. With social media, it's possible to have many winners.


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