How do Search and Share Stack up?

Chart_of_the_day_600x450One of the main questions businesses need to answer when allocating resources and budgets is what does that split look like?

Which percentage goes to search, and what goes to social networks, if any at all.

Silicon Alley Insider took a look at a wide range of sites, from fashion to dating, to answer the traffic generation question.

By and large, with the notable exception of Comedy Central, where video
and the nature of the content make it more spreadable via social
networks, the numbers run fairly close. Note that their new site is formatted to cater to social sharing.

What this means is that social networks are incremental to search for many businesses.

Regardless of how people find you, digital and social media are very
content intensive. Which is why content production is still one of the
main challenges for marketers in planning resources for 2012.

According to a recent HiveFire content adoption survey, creating
original content and having the time to do it top the list of challenges
in the US market.

This is the reason why many marketers resort to curating existing content, even as it is hard to find high quality content.

When looking at the difficulty of measuring results, allocating staff,
and understanding how content fits in the overall strategy, these are
all symptoms of needing to boost the digital skills of the team.

A more digitally savvy team will also be one that can plan search and share as part of an integrated approach.

When respondents in a recent Econsultancy report#
were asked which digital marketing disciplines they anticipated would
be the key areas of growth in the coming year, the top answers were
social media, content marketing, and web analytics and data.



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